Realized in structure
Structural design with excellent design

Introducing the achievements of architectural structural design that we have worked on so far

Transform the concept into a structure with the ability to make proposals backed by experience

Functionality and design are important for buildings, but the structure that maintains strength even when a large force is applied due to natural phenomena such as earthquakes, and ensures functionality and safety should be given top priority. As a partner for designers, architects and developers, we will do our utmost to transform your vision into a solid structure without sacrificing safety. Our motto is a proposal-type structural design that not only does the given job, but also pursues the pride and smiles of our customers.
We have a wealth of experience and achievements in designing various buildings and facilities such as hospitals, airports, and condominiums. Please leave it to us for consulting such as seismic diagnosis and third-party supervision, and overseas support such as introduction of foreign-made building materials.


Realize customers' thoughts and feelings through structural design. This is CODE SIGN STRUCTURES.
We not only calculate and draw drawings, but also pursue the architecture that our customers are proud of, how to make it better.
Our style is not to start because we can't do it, but how to achieve it.
Providing pride, smiles and peace of mind to society and our customers-The motto of CODESIGN STRUCTURES.

What kind of work can you do?

Regardless of the size of the building or the type of structure, all types of building structure design are the main business. We also provide consulting services such as seismic diagnosis, third-party supervision, cost management, and education and training. It is also possible to undertake as a complete architectural design in collaboration with an external office. Please leave it to us for overseas projects and overseas customers.

It's a new company, is that okay?

The founder has 32 years of structural design experience. From bicycle parking lots to large-scale airports, we promise appropriate and prompt work based on our abundant design experience in Japan and overseas. Please contact us regardless of the scale of your work.

What kind of project can you do?

You can design, supervise, diagnose, and advise on buildings. We also support special structures such as seismic isolation and vibration control large space structure. We have a track record of designing various buildings such as schools, government buildings, gymnasiums, museums, and fire stations, so we are actively cooperating with competitions and proposals, including achievement points.

Is the quality okay?

We provide a better structure with a customer-oriented and building-oriented attitude. We promise structural safety and the realization of dreams through proposal-type structural design in order to realize the ideal form of architecture that clients and architects demand.

Is it possible to work as an overseas customer or architect?

Is possible. Japan, an earthquake-prone country, has unique building regulations even in the world. Based on 12 years of overseas project experience, we are still dealing with several overseas properties. Since we are familiar with overseas circumstances, we will respond to domestic projects of overseas customers, such as explaining the differences between Japan and overseas, including the legal system and construction method, to overseas clients / architects.

I'm worried because it's a small company.

Although CODESIGN STRUCTURES is a small organization, we are seeking the cooperation of reliable external staff by making use of the network we have cultivated so far. In addition to structural design, we have built a system that allows us to make the most of our comprehensive strengths, such as adding equipment / electrical design and architectural design engineers to our staff.

Do you take information security measures?

Strengthening information security is one of the areas we are most focused on. In addition to being a company that declares IPA SECURITY ACTION ☆☆, we strive to ensure the highest level of information security, such as by using a high-security cloud server. The cloud server also helps to share information by sharing part of it with customers.

Is it possible to handle third-party supervision?

Yes. The founder has been engaged in design supervision as well as design for many years, and has abundant supervision results such as overseas supervision and serving as a chief supervision engineer in the construction ordered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Finance. We are also actively working on third-party supervision.

How do you cooperate with the competition proposal?

We will be happy to cooperate with you. Most of the work I have experienced has been ordered through competition proposals. He has a lot of experience in creating ideas and writing manuscripts, and the lifetime winning rate exceeds 30%. We have many achievements and we believe that we can contribute to this point as well.

We will respond with light footwork regardless of domestic or overseas


company name CODESIGN STRUCTURES Co., Ltd.
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business hours 8: 00-17: 00


If you are an architect or designer looking for a satisfying and reliable design partner, please feel free to contact us. We will carefully explain the passion we create together with our customers, our deep knowledge and abundant experience in structural design, and the attractiveness of a wide range of flexible services such as consulting and overseas support. Based in Tokyo, we welcome consultations from home and abroad.

About us Advanced structural design that establishes the design as a building

Precise structural design shapes the safety and design of any building

Building design is generally divided into three categories: "design," "equipment," and "structure." In addition to design design that plans designs and floor plans based on the owner's image and ideals, equipment design that is responsible for creating environments such as water and sewage, air conditioning, and sound, factors derived from various conditions such as regulations and surrounding environment are taken into consideration. Precise structural design is indispensable for a highly safe building. In particular, Japan is called one of the world's leading "earthquake powers" because it is located on multiple continental plates, and construction-related regulations are also special and complicated. We have abundant experience and achievements in designing the structure of buildings and facilities such as hotels, condominiums, airports and hospitals in response to requests from many developers and designers. Our goal is to get rid of the stereotypes of "impossible" and "difficult", thoroughly pursue "how can we achieve it" and "make it even better", and give shape to our customers' thoughts and feelings. We will not only fulfill requests, but also realize designs and designs that our customers are proud of based on our abundant proposal capabilities and technical capabilities.

Wide range of support from overseas support and consulting to architectural structural design

In addition to the main tasks of structural calculation and design, it is also possible to undertake a complete building design in cooperation with an external office. The "CO" used in the company name has the meaning of "joint" and "collaboration." We have adopted it in the company name with the passion of working together on a three-legged race to add safety to the ideal building shape and design that our customers envision and to change it into a reliable shape. Based on this philosophy, in addition to structural calculations and designs, we also provide consulting services such as seismic diagnosis, third-party supervision, and cost management. In addition, we also provide support for domestic designers and developers when expanding overseas, and support for overseas investors when aiming for construction in Japan. We have abundant experience and achievements in designing and design projects overseas, and while explaining the details such as the differences between overseas and Japan, including the legal system and construction method, we can leave it to you with confidence. We will help you with various procedures including. We will also be useful in introducing building materials manufactured overseas into Japan.