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Introducing a variety of services that are customer-oriented

Our main business is structural design with excellent design and safety, and we have received high praise from word of mouth due to our high technology and various proposal capabilities that can handle special designs such as seismic isolation and vibration control large space structure. rice field. As part of our efforts to make more people aware of a wide range of operations and services such as overseas support and consulting, we regularly send out information through columns. We will introduce interestingly from various aspects the building services that connect our customers' pride, smiles and peace of mind.
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    Thank you for visiting our blog. Tsuji Seisakusho is a precision sheet metal processing company in Minami-ku, Kyoto. A company that represents Kyoto manufacturing with the goals of "the f...
  • 20210929辻製作所新工場内部

    Thin and beautiful steel outer wall

    Thank you for visiting our blog. Tsuji Seisakusho, which was in charge of the structural design of the new factory, is a precision sheet metal processing company in Minami-ku, Kyoto. A co...
  • 20210924辻製作所新工場ファサード

    The first actual work with impressive stairs

    The first actual work of CODESIGN STRUCTURES has been completed. This is the new factory of Tsuji Seisakusho in Minami-ku, Kyoto. In this blog, I will introduce the points that I was care...
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    Architectural design office blog

    Thank you for visiting the new homepage of CODE SIGN STRUCTURES, a first-class registered architect office. To commemorate the renewal of the home page, we decided to open a blog. I will ...


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  • Thin and beautiful steel outer wall

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  • The first actual work with impressive stairs

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In order to give shape to the design and the ideal shape of the building that our customers want, we carry out structural calculations and designs in a style that emphasizes proposals, and strive to realize safety and dreams. A building can maintain its functionality and safety only when the structure such as columns and beams is solid. Any building is the property of the owner as well as the property of society and publicity, and it is necessary to consider the optimal framework to satisfy the conditions such as functionality, beauty, safety, durability, and economy. I have. We have a lot of experience and achievements in calculating and designing various structures such as airports, skyscrapers, condominiums, hospitals and public facilities in Japan and overseas. Regardless of the project requested by the customer, we will not make a uniform judgment according to the manual, but will repeat the examination from all angles and aim to change "cannot" to "can".