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From large-scale buildings such as hospitals, hotels, condominiums, and airports to general buildings and offices, and buildings such as gymnasiums and museums with large spaces, structural design is designed to accurately transform the ideal image and vision of our customers. We have generously demonstrated our high technology. If you are an architect or designer and want to "look for a reliable business partner" or "consider carefully considering compatibility and achievements", please feel free to contact us. We are based in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, which has convenient access to Tokyo and its suburbs. As soon as you contact us, we will discuss a convenient date and place, and we will visit you with a light footwork and talk to you. In addition to consulting on structural calculations and designs in Japan, we also provide consulting on overseas construction, dealing with overseas clients, and importing and introducing construction materials from overseas. We will break through common sense, always propose new ideas that are one step ahead of the times, and carefully snuggle up to our customers with pride, smiles and peace of mind.

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Thank you for visiting the CODESIGN STRUCTURES homepage.
As early as this December, CODESIGN STRUCTURES will celebrate its 3rd year of establishment. The homepage is also the third generation.
In terms of achievements, most of them are from the previous job, Azusa Sekkei era, but with the addition of our first actual production, Tsuji Seisakusho's new factory, we can bring pride, smile and peace of mind to society and customers. I am proud that I am showing my posture.
In the future, we will post information on our business approach through our blog.
If you have any questions regarding the building structure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Koichi Tanaka, CEO of CODESIGN STRUCTURES Co., Ltd.

An expert in architectural structural design with a wealth of experience in overseas support


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If you are an architect or designer looking for a satisfying and reliable design partner, please feel free to contact us. We will carefully explain the passion we create together with our customers, our deep knowledge and abundant experience in structural design, and the attractiveness of a wide range of flexible services such as consulting and overseas support. Based in Tokyo, we welcome consultations from home and abroad.

If you are looking for a structural calculation / design partner, please leave it to us.

We will become a "companion" of our customers' dreams and visions

We propose architecture that maximizes the conceptual power of structural design and innovative design power that we have cultivated over many years. While valuing a third-party perspective that separates the design and construction of buildings of any size, we will realize a highly original design that is not dragged only by construction. Through consulting, we are firmly close to our customers, and first of all, we try to handle structural design and design that reflects the customer's thoughts first. Please feel free to contact us as we are accepting consultations on design by phone or from our website.

From the perspective of each customer who actually uses the building, we support with professional responsibility and pride so that we can design and build a beautiful, functional and safe building that can be taken over for a long time. We will continue to. In addition, as an office with abundant track record of overseas support, we flexibly respond to the design of hospitals, buildings, public facilities, etc. as well as condominiums, and facility users are "comfortable and relaxed". We aim to create a space where you can feel that you can use it.

Based on our wealth of experience in structural design in Japan and overseas, we have developed and provided useful services such as construction-related consulting and overseas support that meet the needs of the times. The founder has been engaged in design supervision for many years as well as design, and also plays the role of chief engineer in overseas supervision and construction ordered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Finance. The style of requesting construction management to a third party who is not a contractor in order to definitely achieve the performance required by the contractor is attracting more attention due to heightened safety awareness. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a third party supervision contractor in your desired area centering on Tokyo. With a wide range of knowledge based on our experience and achievements in structural design of a wide range of buildings such as hospitals, condominiums, hotels, office buildings, airports and public facilities, we closely monitor the construction and worries, problems and anxieties that occur every day. We will continue to work toward completion while solving the problem together. You can rest assured that the building has a complicated structure such as seismic isolation and vibration control large space structure. In addition, we will focus on consulting such as seismic diagnosis, cost management of general construction projects, staff education and training, and will respond to the deep trust as a partner.