About Kou Design Structures

Supports various architectural scenes with precise structural design

Building architecture requires many things such as artistic aspects and functionality, including the beauty of modeling, contributing to the safety and security of residents and users, and being economical. Recognizing that structural design has an important mission not only to design from a mechanical point of view, but also to support customers in realizing their dreams and visions by combining their strengths with design design and equipment design. We are here. We will help you with flexible ideas such as consulting such as third-party supervision, cost management, earthquake resistance diagnosis, and response to overseas projects.

Features of Kou Design Structures

Aiming for proposal-type architectural structural design that "creates together" with customers

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a structural calculation or design partner that is indispensable for establishing a design as a building. Based on the basic principle of "providing pride, smiles and peace of mind to society and customers," we will accurately design innovative and original designs that may be difficult to realize. In addition to the overall picture and individual space composition intended by the design design, the shape, size, and height of the entire building, what kind of place it will be built, how hard the ground is, the frequency of earthquakes and disasters, and the possibility We carry out analysis from all angles such as gender.
Then, we will determine what kind of structural framework and materials can ensure safety and durability even under such conditions. We recognize that it is our mission and responsibility to meet expectations by making full use of our multifaceted and deep thinking, abundant knowledge, judgment, and understanding. We provide proposal-type design services with the consciousness of "creating together".

We also support overseas support for architectural structural design with reliable technology.

In a global society where many investors and developers work across multiple countries and regions and business development continues to diversify, there are differences in the business environment, values, regulations and standards. It can have a significant impact on the smooth execution and success of a project. In addition to accurately grasping the situation in the area, you may think that the most effective way to successfully respond to the environment and norms different from your own country is to build a joint system with a partner who has a proven track record. Maybe.
In order to meet such needs, we are also focusing on overseas support such as consulting services related to structural design and construction. We support various business scenes such as projects in Japan by overseas investors, overseas expansion of Japanese designers and designers, introduction of overseas building materials, so if you have any interest, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact us.