Here are some of the achievements of the project

Useful proposal-type design aiming for customer pride, smile and peace of mind

Rather than simply "doing what you are told" or "dropping in according to the manual", we will design with reliable technology based on the proposal-type structural design, and proceed with the work while reporting and consulting with customers as appropriate. It is important to connect to peace of mind. The design and structure will not be separated, but will be integrated, and we will carefully snuggle up to complete a proud building full of unprecedented novelty, originality, and beauty of modeling. Introducing some of the projects that we have been involved in in Japan and overseas, including special structures such as seismic isolation and vibration control large space structures.
In addition to the conventional design method of incorporating the structure into the design decided by the designer or designer in charge of design design, by proactively making useful proposals from the perspective of a designer specializing in structure. , We would like to create the ideal building together with our customers. To that end, we are determined to keep up with the knowledge and information about structural technology that is evolving day by day, and to continue our tireless efforts to pursue safety and design from a new angle. Please feel free to contact us for consulting such as earthquake resistance diagnosis, third party supervision, and cost management. We also undertake diagnosis and design to enhance earthquake resistance by inserting structures while retaining the goodness and functionality of existing buildings such as hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and public facilities, as well as beautiful modeling. We will flexibly support all needs, including overseas support for companies expanding overseas.