We will thoroughly pursue "how to realize it"

Leave structural calculation and design to us regardless of location or scale

We have a track record of being involved in buildings of various structural types and shapes, regardless of size, such as airports, hotels, condominiums, hospitals, and public facilities. In addition, we have a wide range of experience in terms of overseas support, such as design and design in Japan, construction consulting, introduction of building materials from overseas and structural design overseas in response to requests from investors, developers, real estate companies, etc. I have. Going forward, we will continue to keep an eye on the latest and useful information not only in Japan but around the world, and reflect it in attractive services to our customers.
  • Fukuyama project site has started
    The Fukuyama project for which we were in charge of structural design. The site has finally begun. It is a seismic isolation structure with 24 floors above the ground. The photo shows pile construc...
  • CODESIGN STRUCTURES celebrates its 3rd anniversary
    Thanks to you, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary on December 10th. I am grateful to all of you for this. The results for the past three years are 9 basic designs including in-service work, 4 implem...
  • We have opened a new homepage
    Thank you for visiting the CODESIGN STRUCTURES homepage. As early as this December, CODESIGN STRUCTURES will celebrate its 3rd year of establishment. The homepage is also the third generation. I...
There are various types of building structures, such as a reinforced concrete structure called "RC structure" and a steel-framed reinforced concrete structure called "SRC structure", but from various angles such as cost, construction period, and design as well as design and functionality. The structure is finally decided after consideration. Speaking of structural calculation, it seems that there is only one answer because it is considered according to the laws of nature such as physics and mechanics, but the possibilities are endlessly expanded by technology and ideas. As an experienced designer, we are confident that we can help designers and developers in this regard. Not only special factories such as seismic isolation and vibration control large space structure, but also those who satisfy earthquake resistance and use the building need to be safe. In addition to that, in order to realize the customer's ideals in terms of design and function, we will make detailed calculations from the viewpoint of "how can we do it" and demonstrate our abundant proposal and technical capabilities.