Proposal type building structure design to realize the customer's ideal

"I want to create a large space with few pillars, walls, and beams," "I want to make effective use of underground space," and "I want to change the shape of the roof." In order to add durability and durability, we will design the structure based on precise calculations. Rather than relying solely on past experience and achievements to design according to the manual, we have gained a good reputation for our abundant proposal capabilities to understand the customer's intentions and requests and realize them to the maximum extent. I am proud that I am.

Colorful service of architectural structural design that values a sense of security

Designers and designers may be enthusiastic about security measures related to information leakage and plagiarism of designs at the stage of planning and designing. If you are looking for a partner that you can truly trust in structural calculation and design, please leave it to us. Strengthening information security is of utmost importance, and as a two-star declaration company of "IPA SECURITY ACTION", we carefully examine the situation of our company from all angles, establish our own basic information security policy, and open it to the outside. ..
We carefully select and use cloud servers that have the highest level of information security capability so that we can share information with our customers. In addition to our design technology and abundant proposal capabilities in the structural field, we will not forget the customer's perspective even in the smallest details, and we will continue to refine ourselves every day so that we can greatly contribute to a sense of security and reliability.

We accept requests for structural design from overseas and support construction in Japan

We strongly support the promotion of construction projects in Japan for overseas investors and developers of foreign capital. After accurately grasping the customer's request and intention, we will assist from all aspects such as adjustment according to Japanese laws and standards, response to material and equipment quality and function, schedule and cost management, risk hedging, etc. Will lead to completion. Japan, which is called an earthquake powerhouse, is a unique law in the world, and the way foreign designers proceed with planning may have different priorities from the general method in Japan.
We will overcome such factors that would otherwise be a major hurdle, build friendly relationships with overseas clients, and make smooth adjustments. We will provide accurate support with accurate knowledge and abundant experience regarding various procedures when purchasing building materials from overseas and using them in Japan.

Seismic diagnosis of existing buildings is done with the eyes of structural design experts

The structure of all buildings, regardless of structure or type, is calculated according to the standard law established at the time of design, and the design and design are decided. The Building Standards Law was enacted in 1950 with the highest priority given to the protection of human life, with the aim of preventing buildings from collapsing even when external forces such as earthquakes and natural disasters are applied. However, since large earthquakes have occurred in various parts of Japan at regular intervals and caused a lot of damage, the law has been amended to increase seismic performance each time.
If various buildings such as existing high-rise buildings, condominiums, hospitals, airport buildings, and public facilities are designed according to old seismic standards, whether they have the ability to withstand the expected large earthquakes in the future. There is an urgent need for seismic diagnosis to verify. We will carry out seismic diagnosis from the perspective of a structural design expert, and make appropriate evaluations and diagnoses based on field surveys, detailed analysis of design drawings, and mechanical calculations.