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Polish structural design technology to pursue the ideal architecture

In response to customer requests and consultations, we do not start with questions such as "whether there is precedent" or "whether it can be done", but we are making uncompromising efforts with the developmental thinking of "how can we achieve it". increase. With structural design as our main business, we also provide various building consulting services such as dealing with overseas clients, third-party supervision, seismic diagnosis, and cost management, so we are increasing the chances of receiving high praise from word of mouth in the industry. We will continue to listen sincerely to the latest information and customer feedback and pursue convenient and useful services.

We carry out structural design in cooperation with designers and architects

Generally, the design work when building a building is divided into three parts: "design", "equipment", and "structure". In design design, we consider the layout of buildings while considering the conditions of the site and the surrounding environment, and design the façade and floor plan. For equipment design, we design air conditioning equipment, sanitary equipment such as water and sewage, and electrical equipment such as lighting and outlets so that residents and users of the building can spend their time comfortably. On the other hand, in structural design, we plan the foundation and framework of the building and secure safety performance against earthquakes, typhoons, snow cover, etc. by structural calculation.
As a structural expert, we will hold close meetings with designers and architects, and will do our utmost to harmonize the design, functionality, and economy of the entire building while communicating appropriately. We have various design achievements in hospitals, hotels, airports, skyscrapers, etc., so you can leave it to us with confidence.

Advanced architectural structural design that also supports overseas projects

We strongly support companies who are thinking of jumping out of Japan to the world and taking on the challenge of the business world. If you plan to expand overseas and build a building or facility, you should be familiar with the laws and regulations that differ from country to country, as well as design and construction capabilities and achievements in the area, infrastructure status, quality and procurement of materials, etc. In some respects, it is necessary to consider conditions that are different from those in Japan. Known as an earthquake-prone country, Japan is highly evaluated for its functionality, technology, and safety that it has cultivated because it has faced and survived many disasters.
We will reflect such Japanese technology and achievements in overseas projects as they are, and help you to realize designs with excellent design and safety. We are always ready to discuss various concerns and requests regarding overseas support, such as "I want to proceed with construction projects overseas" and "I want to request construction supervision overseas".

Contributing to the safety and security of architecture as a structural designer of Hyakusen Hakusen

As part of our consulting service that maximizes the profits of our customers, we also accept requests and consultations for third-party supervision. Third-party supervision is a system that entrusts construction supervision work to a third party different from the contractor of design work. In 2001, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced a policy to separately outsource design work and construction supervision work, and after reviewing the regulations, it also includes work to convey design changes and design intentions until then. The construction supervision work that was being done is now specialized for "confirmation of construction".
When a third party enters the site, a feeling of tension is created at the site, which leads to reduction of human troubles such as construction mistakes and omission of communication. In addition, objective support from designers who are familiar with special structural designs such as seismic isolation structures and large space structures for vibration control will help resolve questions and anxieties that arise during construction. We will contribute to the safety and security of construction sites with our abundant proposal capabilities and high technology.