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Structural design that walks on a three-legged race for the construction of a better building

We accept all types of building structural design regardless of the size of the building or the type of structure. We also provide consulting on related work such as seismic diagnosis, third-party supervision, cost management and education and training. In some cases, we can collaborate with an external office and undertake a one-stop contract including design design and equipment design, so please feel free to contact us. We will develop useful construction services that are one step or two ahead of the times, including overseas projects and support for overseas customers.

Supports a wide range of structural designs regardless of the type of structure or the scale of the building

In any building, vertical force due to gravity and load and horizontal force due to natural phenomena such as wind and earthquake are always applied. We will make detailed calculations by imagining "where" and "how much" these forces will be applied to a building designed by design. In addition to basic and applied knowledge of physics such as Moment, we have experience in working on public facilities such as large-scale airports, high-rise condominiums, office buildings, hospitals, gymnasiums and museums in Japan and overseas. , We will support you to realize an accurate and richly designed design.
The most important thing in carrying out structural calculation and design is to understand the requests and intentions as much as possible from the designer's point of view. We will do our best to help you realize even the most difficult projects by making full use of the huge database and know-how related to the structure.

We undertake domestic building structure design from overseas investors

The so-called "corona shock" has hit the Japanese economy hard, but the real estate market is gradually recovering due to price movements in the REIT market. It is expected that overseas investors will refocus on the Japanese real estate market and move toward a more aggressive investment trend in the future. If you are an overseas investor, a foreign developer, a designer, etc. and want to make a realistic plan in line with Japanese regulations and construction methods when promoting a construction project in Japan, please leave it to us.
With over 12 years of experience in overseas support, there is no linguistic anxiety, and we are familiar with the points and structures required by foreigners. We will explain the differences in legal systems and construction methods to overseas clients and architects in an easy-to-understand manner, and will help promote the project smoothly, including support for various procedures.

A building that customers can be proud of by supporting special structural designs

Even in architecture where you feel that such a design is difficult or unlikely to be realized, we will do our utmost to realize a design that meets your needs by utilizing our high technology and abundant experience in structural design. Please leave it to us for special structures such as gymnasiums, museums, stadiums, domes, arenas, etc. that have no pillars inside and a large space spreads out. Generally, it is divided into truss structure, arch structure, suspension structure, shell structure, etc., but we will design any structure so that it will be finished with high design without sacrificing safety.
We also have various experiences in seismic isolation structures, which are increasingly being used in high-rise condominiums and buildings. It absorbs the shaking of a large earthquake that may occur in the future and creates a structure that does not damage buildings, users, and residents. Many joyful voices were received, such as "I'm glad I consulted" and "I received suggestions from a different perspective."