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Koichi Tanaka

Koichi Tanaka Profile


1964 Born in Hokkaido
1983 Graduated from Hokkaido Otaru Choryo High School
1988 Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Meiji University
1988 Joined Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd.
2018 Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd. retired
Final Position Deputy General Manager of Structural Department, Chief Engineer
2018 Established CODESIGN STRUCTURES Co., Ltd.


First-class architect No. 290639
Structural design first-class architect No. 6839
TOEIC score 695

Award history (works)
  • Awardwhat6-1

    Japan Airport International Terminal

    ・ AIJ Works Selection 2012
    ・ JIA Excellent Architecture Selection 100 Selection 2011
  • Awardwhat6-2

    TOTO Museum

    ・ BCS Prize 2017
  • Awardwhat6-3

    Tsukubamirai City Yokodai Elementary School

    ・ Good Design Award 2016
    ・ Architectural Award 2015
The mission of structural calculation and design is to determine the performance, shape, and layout of the framework such as the foundation, columns, and beams of the building, and to support the building so that it can continue to be built firmly even in natural phenomena such as earthquakes, typhoons, and snowfall. is. In recent years, structural technology has become more sophisticated, and the number of buildings with innovative and complicated designs that have never existed before has increased, so it is more original by intervening structural designers from the initial design stage. However, many people want to realize the design. We have a wealth of design experience in Japan and overseas, and have worked on general and public facilities such as hospitals, hotels, condominiums and airports, and skyscrapers. We also provide a large number of consulting services for overseas projects of overseas investors and domestic companies, and for importing and introducing overseas building materials. We will listen carefully to your image and ideals and respond with a wealth of proposal capabilities.